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Hatha-Yoga and Yoga Therapy with Anna Karmaz


Hatha-Yoga and Yoga Therapy with Anna Karmaz

Запись на занятия:
Центр «Новый Век».
Адрес: Киев, переулок Бехтеревский, 6.
Телефон: +380504117923
Facebook: NovijVek
Йога-студия «Истоки»
Адрес: Киев, бульвар Леси Украинки, 6
Телефон: +380504117923
Facebook: istokiyoga
Registration for classes:

Center "Novij Vek"
Address: 6, Bekhterevsky, Kiev.
Phone: +380504117923
Website: nvek.com.ua
Facebook: NovijVek
Yoga studio "Istoki"
Address: 6, Lesi Ukrainky, Kiev
Phone: +380504117923
Website: istoki.net.ua
Facebook: istokiyoga

The group class is designed to fit the requirements of the beginners, as well as experienced practitioners. If necessary,  yogis will be advised on the way to vary the training load and exercises to help them recover from injuries or adjust to health conditions that require special attention. The сlass includes basic warm up, exercises to strengthen joints, energy practices to invigorate the body, asanas to strengthen the musculoskeletal system, breathing anti-stress exercises, and the practice of deep relaxation (savasana). Extra attention is given to removing pathological stresses from the body and strengthening the core muscles.

A group set of warm-ups, exercises for joints, asanas, breathing exercises (pranayama), and meditation allow maximising the wellness effects of yoga practice. Adjustment of the original set in the course of the classes ensures that it matches you continuous development in yoga.

Individual yoga class in English

Attending an individual class allows building and implementing an individual plan of your advancement in yoga. If necessary, this plan can involve a rehabilitation strategy for specific health conditions and your personal health goals.

About Karmaz Anna

Karmaz Anna is a professional teacher and trainer of traditional Hatha Yoga, yoga for pregnant women, and yoga therapy backed up by post-graduate qualification in physical rehabilitation. Anna has been practicing and teaching yoga for over a decade and is passionate about helping her students to benefit from structured and well-balanced training courses. She teaches group and individual classes, organizes yoga travel and retreats. She is also a professional translator.

Fields: Hatha Yoga, Yoga Therapy, and Ayurveda.

Teachers: Dev Das Maharaj, Sumiran. Attended workshops of: Mark and Joan Darby, David Svenson, Sergei Sidortsov, Alexander Taishev, Sergei Agapkin, Andrei Maksimenko, etc.

Anna’s Personal website: http://karma-z-yoga.com

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наш адрес:

  • г. Киев, пер. Бехтеревский, 6

  • Тел: (044) 486-53-48, 486-53-08, (050)452-70-70
  • Факс: (044) 486-53-48, 486-53-08
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